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Fibreboard is a non-woven material made from 100% flax fibers and recycled polypropylene. We have been using this material for our Flip and Sketch range to give personal electronics such as iPad’s and Kindles a protective home.

The material is a great example of a new composite using a natural material such as linen and combining it with recycled plastic for rigidity and strength. Traditionally this material is used in automotive /aeronautic industry and as floor/wall paneling. However its beautiful texture and soft finish makes it also an ideal material for hard back sleeves.

Fiber reinforced polymer composites are defined as “a combination of plastic/ resin and a fiber reinforcement. They carry a range of advantages:

Light Weight – Composites are light in weight, compared to most woods and metals.

Design Flexibility – Composites can be molded into complicated shapes more easily than most other materials. This gives designers the freedom to create almost any shape or form.

Nonconductive – Composites are nonconductive, meaning they do not conduct electricity. This property makes them suitable for such items as electrical utility poles and the circuit boards in electronics.

Nonmagnetic – Composites contain no metals; therefore, they are not magnetic. They can be used around sensitive electronic equipment.

Low Thermal Conductivity – Composites are good insulators—they do not easily conduct heat or cold. They are used in buildings for doors, panels, and windows where extra protection is needed from severe weather.

Durable – Structures made of composites have a long life and need little maintenance. We do not know how long composites last, because we have not come to the end of the life of many original composites. Many composites have been in service for half a century.